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This is my public forum to contemplate design, analyze product management, and get nerdy about my favorite topics.

  1. Code Eleventy and Netflify are my new jam
  2. Product Managment Switching from Trello to Clubhouse (not Jira)
  3. code web fonts Self-hosting Google web fonts
  4. mobile HTML 5 Perceived performance is what matters
  5. design antipatterns mobile UX Antipatterns: Hinting: instead of acting
  6. design Design critiques are loaded with BS, and that’s OK
  7. design antipatterns UX Antipatterns: Repeat Data Collection
  8. antipatterns design UX Antipatterns: Splitting Numbers
  9. startups Quantum Nature of Sales
  10. design open source How to get designers to make your open source project awesome
  11. design antipatterns UX Anti-patterns: mixing status and action