Michael Boeke


My first name is Michael, but nearly everyone ends up calling me by my last name, because it's fun to say Boeke. BO-key!

I have many interests, but I'm prone to obsessing over a few things in particular. These include cars, running, fatherhood, music, and photography, to name a few. Sometimes I speak about my work at conferences and write about it (and my other obsessions) online.

Latest Writing

This is my public forum to contemplate design, analyze product management, and get nerdy about my favorite topics.

  1. Code Eleventy and Netflify are my new jam
  2. Product Managment Switching from Trello to Clubhouse (not Jira)
  3. code web fonts Self-hosting Google web fonts

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Latest Conference Talk

Designing for Trust reviews some of the factors that engender trust, like reputation, transparency and consent. It was featured at SXSW and Codemotion Milan.

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