Michael Boeke


I find great joy and satisfaction in sharing what I've learned. As a result, presenting my work has taken me to Portland, Austin, Milan, and various points in between. Check out a few of my talks below, and if you would like me to speak at your event, please drop me a line.

Designing for Trust

SXSW '15 Codemotion Milan '15

This talk reviews some of the factors that engender trust, like reputation, transparency and consent. It also explores some real world examples of products that do a great job of establishing trust, and some others that...miss the mark. The audience should walk out with a better understanding of the issues surrounding privacy and trust, as well as some practical tools for making software products more trustworthy.

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Getting Paid in 7 inches or less

WebVisions NYC '14 WebVisions Portland '14

In this presentation, I explore the global shift to mobile commerce. I look at emerging hardware and software technologies behind an explosion of experimentation in how we pay for almost everything. I also look at the ways designers and developers can create great experiences in the world of mobile commerce.

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UX Antipatterns

SXSW '14' Codemash '14 That Conference '14 Warm Gun '13

In this session, I discuss user experience antipatterns - design conventions that appear to be good solutions at first, but actually end up hampering usability. I look at a number of real life antipatterns collected from around the web, and explore some better approaches. The audience should walk away with a few new items in their design toolkit, and an increased awareness (and wariness) of design conventions.